Sermon for Sunday October 25, 2009

Get Up Now!
October 25, 2009

John 5:1-15

5 Steps toward Healing:

Step #1
______________ and __________.the problem.

Step #2
________ making ______________.

Step #3 take _____________.

Step #4 Jesus’ help.

Step #5
Praise God for His ______________ and __________.

Is there an illness or issue from which you need to be healed?

Are you willing to follow these steps?

Sermon for Sunday October 18, 2009

The Next Best Thing to Being There
October 18, 2009

John 4:43-54

Insight #1
Jesus is never too ______ ________ to help.

Insight #2
Jesus is able to ________ in accordance with His will.

Insight #3
Faith is belief without ________________.

When faced with a problem, at what point do you turn to Jesus?

Are you willing to accept the will of God for you?

What do you really believe about Jesus?

Sermon for Sunday October 11th, 2009

Next Time, With Christ
October 11, 2009

Matthew 26:26-30 1039/1543

The Jewish Wedding Process:

The Contract –
The Acceptance –
The Betrothal –
The Preparation –
The Wedding –
The Marriage Supper –

Implication #1
Jesus ________ the ultimate bride price for us.

Implication #2
Jesus has gone to ______________ a place for us.

Implication #3
We are to be __________ to meet Him.

Implication #4
We are to live in _______________________ of His coming.

Are you preparing for His coming?

How does your life demonstrate that you anticipate His return?