Sermon for Sunday November 20, 2011

The Bible vs. The Mayan Calendar (part 9)

November 20, 2011


Revelation 20:11-21:4


The Great White Throne Judgement:



 The New Jerusalem:




What do The Great White Throne Judgement & The New

Sermon for Sunday November 13, 2011

The Bible vs. The Mayan Calendar (part 8)

November 13, 2011


Revelation 20:1-10


The Millennial Kingdom:



Pre-millennial view:



Post-millennial view:



Amillennial view:






What does The Millennium mean for you?

Sermon For Sunday November 6, 2011

The Bible vs. The Mayan Calendar (part 7)

November 6, 2011

Revelation 19:11-21


The Second Coming of Christ:






The Circumstances:






What does the Second Coming of Christ mean for you?


Sermon for Sunday October 30, 2011

The Bible vs The Mayan Calendar (part 6)

October 30, 2011

Revelation 16:12-21


The Battle of Armageddon:



The Place:



The Characteristics:




The Purpose:



What does the Battle of Armageddon mean for you?