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Sermon for Sunday October 10th, 2010

5 Characteristics of a Committed Christian (part 1)

October 10, 2010

Characteristic #1 _____________________________

5 reasons why a changed life is necessary:

Reason #1

A changed life ______________ spiritual rebirth.

Reason #2

A changed life __________________ others to accept.

Reason #3
A changed life ______________________ God’s grace.

Reason #4

A changed life is a _______________ of eternity.

Reason #5

A changed life results in a _______________ lifestyle.

Which of these closing statements best describes you?

“I am a committed follower of Jesus and I am experiencing a changed life.”

“I am a committed follower of Jesus, but I am far from a changed life.”

“My commitment to following Christ is not what it needs to be.”

“I am not a follower and my life is no different.”

How will your respond?