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Sermon for Sunday June 17, 2012

God is Calling

June 17, 2012

1 Kings 12:20-24


Observation #1

The nation of Israel was divided because of _________________.



Observation #2

God remained faithful in ___________________ His promises.



Observation #3

God sent messengers to persuade the people to ____________.









Are you fully committed to living for God?





How do you respond to God’s offer of restoration?

Sermon for Sunday June 10, 2012

Divided We Fall

June 10, 2012

1 Kings 12:1-17




       Lesson #1

The consequences of sin are _______________.    


Lesson #2

The consequences are seldom _______________ to the ____________.


Lesson #3


The consequences of sin usually ________________ over ________.

What impact does sin have on your life?


What impact might your sin have on the lives of others?