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Sermon for Sunday January 15, 2012

Why Missions

January 15, 2012

 Matthew 28:19-20

Acts 1:8


Part #1

We are commanded to share the Gospel with the people _____________

Part #2

We are commanded to share the Gospel with the people in our _______________ and _________________________.


Part #3

We are commanded to share the Gospel with people ______________________________.


How are you currently fulfilling your mission?

What step(s) could you take to more effectively fulfill your mission?

Sermon for Sunday June 5th, 2011

A Healthy Church (Part 1)

June 5th, 2011
Acts 11:19-26

6 Characteristics of a Healthy Church

Characteristic #1
The gospel is _________ & _________.

Characteristic #2
There are people who _________.

Characteristic #3
The people demonstrate _________.

Which of these characteristics are most evident at Bethany?

What is you current role in fulfilling these characteristics?

How might that role change?

Sermon for Sunday August 1, 2010

Persistent Unbelief
August 1, 2010

John 12:37-50

Truth #1

Many saw miraculous signs, yet they ______________ to believe.

Truth #2

Many believed yet their faith was not ________________.

Truth #3

The one who believes should not ____________ in darkness.

Truth #4

Those who hear the gospel and ____________ it will be judged for their unbelief.

What do you believe about Jesus?

How is your life leading others to believe?

Introduction to John

Introduction to John

July 12, 2009

Background of the Book:

1. The _______________ John is usually credited with the authorship of the fourth Gospel.

2. John often refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus __________.

3. John is identified as the ________ of Zebedee and the _____________ of James.

4.      John played an instrumental role in the __________ ____________.

5.      John’s gospel _____________ from the first three gospel accounts.

6.      John recorded __________ miracles that were not recorded by the synoptic gospel writers.

7. John’s Gospel is generally considered to be the ________ of the four Gospels to be written.

John 1:1-3 1109/1645

The Prolog:

Truth #1

Jesus is ____________.

Truth #2

Jesus is ______.

Truth #3

Jesus is the ______________.

Who is Jesus to you?