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Introduction to John

Introduction to John

July 12, 2009

Background of the Book:

1. The _______________ John is usually credited with the authorship of the fourth Gospel.

2. John often refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus __________.

3. John is identified as the ________ of Zebedee and the _____________ of James.

4.      John played an instrumental role in the __________ ____________.

5.      John’s gospel _____________ from the first three gospel accounts.

6.      John recorded __________ miracles that were not recorded by the synoptic gospel writers.

7. John’s Gospel is generally considered to be the ________ of the four Gospels to be written.

John 1:1-3 1109/1645

The Prolog:

Truth #1

Jesus is ____________.

Truth #2

Jesus is ______.

Truth #3

Jesus is the ______________.

Who is Jesus to you?