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Sermon for Sunday March 21st, 2010

I AM the Light of the World
March 21, 2010

John 8:12-30

Claim #1

Those who follow Jesus will no longer ________ in ________________.

Claim #2

Jesus established His ________________ with two _______________.

Claim #3

The one who knows Jesus, _______ the ____________.

Claim #4

The one who does not believe will be ______________ ________________ from God.

Claim #5

Jesus’ resurrection would provide ______________ __________ of His claims.

Which of these claims is most relevant to you today?

Sermon for Sunday March 7th, 2010

The Talk of the Town (part 2)
March 7, 2010

John 7:25-53

Truth #1

The one who knows about Jesus, does not ________ Jesus.

Truth #2

The one who does not know Jesus, will be __________________ from Him.

Truth #3

The one who does know Jesus, will _______________ His Spirit.

Which these truths are most significant to you?

How is it that you “know” Jesus?