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Sermon for Sunday November 4, 2012

Paul’s Mission

November 4, 2012


Acts 9:1-22


Paul’s Missionary Journeys:

1st Missionary Journey –


2nd Missionary Journey –


3rd Missionary Journey –


Lessons from Paul:

Lesson #1

The abundant Christian life is the life that is _________________.


Lesson #2

Living for the Lord is __________ ____.


Lesson #3

Do not be deceived, Jesus is ____________ __________.


Which of these lessons is most relevant to your life today?

Sermon for Sunday October 24th, 2010

5 Characteristics of a Committed Christian (part 3)

October 24, 2010
Ephesians 4:7-16

Characteristic #3 ________________________________

Truth #1

Committed followers of Jesus use their __________ and _____________ to serve the Lord.

Truth #2

Committed followers of Jesus make serving the Lord a _______________.

Truth #3

Committed followers of Jesus are _________________ when not serving the Lord.

Based upon this teaching, are you a committed follower of Jesus?

How do your actions validate your commitment?