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Sermon For Sunday July 1, 2012

The King Makes the Difference

2 Kings 17:7-23


Point #1

The nation of Israel was ____________ because of sin and disobedience.


Point #2

Our nation has ______________ to become a nation of sin and disobedience.


Point #3

Mankind is ___________________ by sin and disobedience.


Who is the king over your life?


How does your king make a difference in your life?

Sermon for Sunday February 5, 2012

The Beginning of The Story

February 5, 2012

Genesis 1


Point #1

The Story begins with ______________.



Point #2

The crown of God’s creative work is ______________.


Point #3

God created mankind for a ______________________.


Point #4

God’s relationship with mankind was ______________ because of _______.


Point #5

God’s relationship with man is ______________.through ____________.


What does this story reveal about what you mean to God?

Describe your relationship with God.