Sermon For Sunday July 8, 2012

The Fall of Judah


2 Kings 24:20b-25:21

Lesson #1

God will not allow sin to go ____________________.


Lesson #2

The purpose of God’s punishment is to bring people to ____________________.  .


Lesson #3

The Word of God ____________ sin and transforms lives.


Lesson #4

God is _______________ even when we are not.



Which of these lessons is most relevant to your life today?


How will you respond to what God wants you to learn?

Sermon For Sunday July 1, 2012

The King Makes the Difference

2 Kings 17:7-23


Point #1

The nation of Israel was ____________ because of sin and disobedience.


Point #2

Our nation has ______________ to become a nation of sin and disobedience.


Point #3

Mankind is ___________________ by sin and disobedience.


Who is the king over your life?


How does your king make a difference in your life?