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Sermon for Sunday May 13, 2012

The Resolution for Families

May 13, 2012

Ephesians 5:21-33


Truth #1

Husbands and wives are to ________________ _____________ to one another.


Truth #2

Husbands are to ________ their wives as Christ loves the Church.


Truth #3

Wives are to ______________ their husbands.


Truth #4

Fathers and mothers have a profound role in ______________ the lives of their children.


How would you evaluate your own marriage and/or parenting?



What truth(s) from this message need to be applied to your marriage and family?

Sermon for Sunday April 18th, 2010

Who Is Your Father?
April 18, 2010

John 8:31-59

Possibility #1

Abraham is your father.

  1. Those who are children of Abraham, ____ the things Abraham did.

  1. Abraham _____________ and ____________ God.

Possibility #2

The devil is your father.

  1. Those who are children of the devil ____________ the truth.

  1. The devil is a ______________ and a ________.

Possibility #3

God is your Father.

  1. Those who are children of God, ________ His Son.

  1. Jesus ____________ His Father and ___________ Him.

Based upon these possibilities, who is your father?

Desperate Households Series for Sunday June 8th, 2008

The next in the series of “Desperate Households”.

Desperate Children

Sermon from Sunday June 8th, 2008