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Modern Family – Part 4

Outline to be uploaded shortly.

Modern Family – Part 2

Modern Family – part 2
January 19, 2014
Ephesians 5:21-33 
Truth #1
Husbands are to ________ their _________ in the same way
that Christ loves the Church.
1.    Husbands are care for their wife’s _______________ needs.
2.    Husbands are to care for their wife’s _____________ needs.
3.    Husbands are to care for their wife’s _____________ needs. 
Truth #2
Husbands are to love in a way that their wife __________ __________.
1.    A wife feels loved when her husband makes ________ for her.
2.    A wife feels loved when her husband _____________ to her.
3.    A wife feels loved when her husband demonstrates ______________.
If you are a husband, are you willing to love your wife in the way the Bible describes?
If you are a wife, how will you respond to your husband as he loves you as the Bible describes?

Modern Family – Part 1


 Modern Family – part 1
January 12, 2014
Ephesians 5:21-33
Truth #1
Husbands and wives are to ________________ ___________ to one another.        
Truth #2
Husbands are to submit to their role of ______________ __________________.
Truth #3
Wives are to ____________ to their husbands as unto the Lord.
Are you willing to live in mutual submission with your mate?
Are you willing to follow the Biblical standards for submission?

Sermon for Sunday March 11, 2012

Faith, Fear, and Failure

March 11, 2012



Numbers 13:17-33



Lesson #2

We can ____________ trust God’s _______________.




Lesson #2

In order to experience God’s ________, we must ________ Him.




Lesson #3

With God ______ things are ________________.


Do you tend to be most like the 10 spies or like Joshua and Caleb?

In what area(s) of your life do you need to exercise more faith and obedience?

Sermon for Sunday Feb 12, 2012

Abraham, a Man of Faith

Gen 12:1-6

Observation #1
Abraham’s faith was demonstrated by his ___________

Observation #2
Abraham’s faith was rewarded with a _________

Observation #3
Abraham’s faith was challenged by his _____________

Observation #4
Abraham’s faith was tested by his ___________

How would you describe your faith?
How would God describe your faith?

Sermon for Sunday May 1st, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise

May 1, 2011
John 20:19-23

Observation #1

The disciples were _________________ that Jesus died and was now alive.

Observation #2

The disciples were _________________ that Jesus was alive.

Observation #3

The disciples were ____________________________ to proclaim the message of Jesus.

Observation #4

The disciples were __________________ to proclaim the message of Jesus.

What is your response to Jesus?


Sermon for Sunday February 13, 2011

Our Relationship to the World

February 13, 2011

John 15:18-16:4

Warning #1

The world _________ those who ___________ Jesus.

Warning #2

The world does not ________ God.

Warning #3

Those who follow Jesus are will ___________ ______________________.

Describe your relationship with the world?

Are you experiencing resistance for your faith?

What do these warnings mean to you?

Sermon for Sunday August 1, 2010

Persistent Unbelief
August 1, 2010

John 12:37-50

Truth #1

Many saw miraculous signs, yet they ______________ to believe.

Truth #2

Many believed yet their faith was not ________________.

Truth #3

The one who believes should not ____________ in darkness.

Truth #4

Those who hear the gospel and ____________ it will be judged for their unbelief.

What do you believe about Jesus?

How is your life leading others to believe?

Sermon for Sunday April 25th, 2010

Is Seeing Really Believing?
April 25, 2010

John 9

Observation 31

Sickness and suffering are ______________________ to see the ________ of God.

Observation #2

Miracles can ____________ without the faith of the __________________.

Observation #3

Those who had sight ___________________ seeing, the one who was formerly blind obtained __________.

How are the works of God demonstrated in your own life during times of sickness and suffering?

Do you believe God performs miracles?

Do you believe in the Son of Man?

Sermon for Christmas Eve 2009

There are no sermon notes from this Christmas Eve service on December 24, 2009.

Sermon for Sunday October 18, 2009

The Next Best Thing to Being There
October 18, 2009

John 4:43-54

Insight #1
Jesus is never too ______ ________ to help.

Insight #2
Jesus is able to ________ in accordance with His will.

Insight #3
Faith is belief without ________________.

When faced with a problem, at what point do you turn to Jesus?

Are you willing to accept the will of God for you?

What do you really believe about Jesus?