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Sermon for Sunday November 18, 2012

The End of Time

November 18, 2012



John 14:1-6


Truth #1

Heaven is described in the Bible as a _________ ___________.


Truth #2

Heaven will be far greater than we can _____________.


Truth #3

Heaven is a place prepared for those who ________ __________.


What do these truths about heaven reveal to you?

Sermon for Sunday September 11, 2011

Building on a Firm Foundation

September 11, 2011
Matthew 7:24-28

The Wise Man:

Observation #1

The wise man builds on a ________ foundation.


Observation #2

The wise man is prepared for _______________.

The Foolish Man:

Observation #1

The foolish man builds on an ______________ foundation.

Observation #2

The foolish man is prepared for ___________________.

According to this parable, are you wise or foolish?


Is there anything you might do to build a better foundation?