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Sermon for Sunday October 23, 2011

The Bible vs The Mayan Calendar (part 5)

October 23, 2011

The Great Tribulation: 

Revealed by the prophets:




 Reveal by Jesus:

     Matthew 24:1-25

 The Judgments of the Great Tribulation:

The Seven Seals

The Seven Trumpets

      The Seven Bowls

 The purpose of the Great Tribulation:

     For Israel

For the nations

 What does the Great Tribulation mean for you?

Sermon for Sunday December 12th, 2010

The Songs of Christmas – Zechariah’s Song

December 12, 2010
Luke 1:67-80

Observation #1

Zechariah sang praise because God was sending a ________________.

Observation #2

Zechariah sang praises because God was __________________ His Word. .

Observation #3

Zechariah sang praises because God will ____________ His people from their enemies.

Observation #4

Zechariah sang praises his son John will ______________ the way.

How does Zechariah’s Song speak to your circumstances?